Mahnaz Mentor Coaching


Mahnaz is a Published Author, Educator, CEO/Owner, Entrepreneur, Certified Mentor Coach, Fitness Innovator

Member of The International Society of Female Professionals-Lifetime member 

Services offered in English and Farsi. 


M ED, Masters Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University

HON BA, Bachelors Honours, Psychology, History, York University 

B ED, Bachelors of Education, York University

Additional Education Qualifications, Queens University

Mentor Coaching Certification, Ontario Principals Council

Zumba Instructor, Zumba Fitness International

Spinning Instructor, Spinning Fitness International 

Work ventures


Toronto, Montreal, Golden, White Rock


Previous Business: Chegini Counselling and Consulting


Arriba Fitness Creation 

Fiesta Flow Fitness Creation

Diverse Fitness Instruction, over 20 years of experience as a fitness instructor across Toronto, York Region and Montreal


"The Roots Of The Evergreen, 18 Chapters To Change Your Life".

"The Bang, The End Was Just The Beginning".

Song writer and vocalist: “Blue Moon”, produced with Hear Color

Mahnaz Mirkhond-Chegini is a designated Mentor Coach, counsellor, teacher, fitness innovator, author and humanitarian. She has had two entrepreneurial initiatives, the first being back in 2012, Chegini Counselling and Consulting and the second being the current practice of Mahnaz Mentor Coaching. Mahnaz works during the day as a full time committed educator in Toronto and evenings/weekends in her own business to break down barriers to mental health and well-being. She has created a platform for people to get the support they need for a flat fee of 50.00 which is unheard of in the field so that she can be a change maker in this discipline. Mahnaz lives with ptsd, depression and anxiety and coped/copes alternatively without medical interventions as to be able to fully work in society as a contributing force. Her vision is to help others as she saw the need in the health structures for the services she is qualified in providing to people for a fraction of the cost.

As a change maker, she believes in her vision. Mahnaz often uses a sliding scale for clients who wish to receive further discounts due to financial need and seeks to help people based off the kindness of her heart. Mahnaz volunteers as well when time permits and enjoys being of service to humanity with fundraising initiatives to support global and local initiatives for the betterment of humanity. Finally, back in 2011, Mahnaz worked for the YMCA in North York as a supervisor and created Arriba fitness program which is still in place even after departing with the role to work as a teacher for the public board in Toronto; additionally she created Fiesta Flow Fitness a few years later and has a parent for that innovation as well in the fitness industry which uses led lights and mixed martial arts with dance. Mahnaz also has pioneered a tv show in the past on ITN satellite in Richmond Hill, called the Energy Show and a radio show with radio Iran called  The Bridge. Mahnaz is well known by others as a woman of a serious nature and is fully committed to advancement of human rights and social justice in society at large. She does make podcasts often on global issues and takes a stance for peace in the world.